Antique Farm Equipment: The Elsbree Collection



by Chuck Elsbree
ISBN 978-1-877810-41-1, Hardcover, 72 pages, 8.5 x 11

More than 200 beautiful photos of Chuck Elsbree’s turn-of-the-19th-century farm, ranch and other related implements manufactured prior to early tractor development. Chuck grew up working on the family ranch during the 1940s and 1950s and then had a successful career as a research and development engineer in the aerospace industry. He has been collecting antique farm equipment for 30 years and now presents in this book many pieces of his collection with his detailed analyses of operating mechanisms and farming purposes. He also includes identification of many of the manufacturers’ models and estimated dating of most of the implements.

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For most of his professional career, Chuck worked as a research and development engineer in the aerospace industry. In this capacity Chuck helped develop missiles used in the Apollo Space Flight Program. One of his most memorable aerospace assignments was program manager for developing hardware used on the Lunar Lander. Chuck later founded an electronic hardware company and has been granted six different patents.

Chuck and his wife Diana now have their collection of restored antique farm equipment on display at their Elsbree Family Vineyard Ranch in Windsor. Chuck points out that the equipment that had previously been modified for tractor use is now restored or in the process of restoration by Chuck and son Mike.

Chuck says, “By preserving the implements and describing their functional and mechanical purposes, I hope that readers, and those who tour the collection on site, will better understand and appreciate the engineering talent required to create and manufacture antique farm equipment.

I also hope that current and future generations will recognize the great contributions of these engineering marvels in helping build a strong America. Those early farm tools were the prototypes of most modern implements in use today.”

Included in the collection are Seeders (9 models), Cultivators (14 models), Harrows (9 models), Plows (20 models), Haying Equipment (9 models), and over 30 additional pieces of equipment, including Subsoil Ripper, Wood Tank Sprayer, Corn Kernal & Husk Remover, Windmill & Pump, Fertilizer Spreader, Bemis Plant Setter, Fordson Tractor, Ox-Head Yoke, Single Trees, Grader, Slip Scraper, Manual Fresno, Fresno Canal, Road Leveler, Flatbed Wagon, Steel Carriage Jack, Cargo Wagon, Hand-Drawn Fire Hose Cart, Wine Presses, Scythe & Stable Fork, Forge, Wheel Barrow Sprayer and more.


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