LifeTimes, The Life Experiences Journal

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LIFETIMES, The Life Experiences Journal

The heirloom quality personal journal. The perfect companion to the old family Bible, preserving your unique life story for your family.
ISBN 978-1-8778101-34-3
Hardcover, 288 gilt-edged pages, 8½ x 11

LifeTimes, The Life Experiences Journal will be a perfect gift for family and friends at holidays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and birthdays.

World’s easiest, most fun, and useful personal journal!

Handsome heirloom quality with gilt-edged pages.

LifeTimes will become the most complete single record of your life — a one-volume source of important personal data to help you organize your years, and your personal legacy to future generations. It is printed on acid free paper for longevity. It is a convenient 8½ x 11 size and contains more than 150 information categories from which you choose to record past, present, and future life experiences. The perfect companion to the old family Bible, preserving your unique life story for your family.


Partial contents:
(over 150 categories)
• Childhood homes, favorite toys, games, songs, tree houses, forts, clubhouses;
• Family and friends names, birthdays, weddings; practical jokes, romantic memories, parties & celebrations;
• Pets cherished;
• Travel adventures, favorite vacation spots, commutes; favorite books, music, art, restaurants, wines;
• Sports learned, coached, starred in;
• Personal physical statistics, habits, inherited traits;
• Medical history, traumatic incidents;
• Professional career history, jobs held, business references, union memberships;
• Salaries, bonuses, investments, mortgages, loans, charitable contributions;
• Legal data;
• Awards, achievements, public appearances;
• Political & volunteer activities;
• Vehicles history;
• Hobbies, pet peeves, embarrassing moments, best dreams, memorable historic events, and much more . . .
• The Perfect Gift for Holidays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays!

“LifeTimes” is an heirloom-quality hardcover journal with beautiful gilt-edge pages. This award-winning 288-page leather-look hardcover book provides over 150 categories for you to record and comment on your life’s memories and future events as they occur. For example, in the “FAMILY & FRIENDS” section there are 23 pages for info like Inherited Traits, Names & Birthdays, Best Friends, Favorite Childhood Games, Songs, Toys & Dolls, Practical Jokes, Romantic Memories, Major Gifts Given & Received, etc.

And there are sections for EDUCATION; TRAVEL (Great Trips, Favorite Vacation Spots, States Visited, etc.); ENTERTAINMENT (Favorite Books, Movies, TV Shows, Commercials, Music, Restaurants, Jokes, Wines, Food, Musical Instruments, etc.); MEDICAL (Illnesses, Vaccinations, Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Allergies, etc.); PHYSICAL (Stats, Fitness Program, Diets, etc.); SPORTS (Events Starred In, Great Sporting Events, Best Scores, Teams, etc.); PROFESSIONALl (Jobs, References, Military Service, etc.); BUSINESS (Owned/Managed, Inventions, etc.); FINANCES (Salaries & Bonuses, Mortgages, Loans, Donations, Insurance Policies, etc.); INVESTMENTS (Real Estate, Other Assets, Partnerships, Collectibles, etc.); RECOGNITION (Awards, Prizes, Achievements, Offices Held, Speeches, Media Appearances, Heroics, etc.); COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT (Volunteerism, Clubs, Patriotic Action, etc.); RELIGIOUS; CEREBRAL (Great Ideas, Psychic Events, Goals, Hunches); HOUSEHOLD (Residences, Major Purchases, Decorating, Landscaping, Computers, etc.); VEHICLES; PETS; STYLES (Hair, Clothing & Fads, Slang Words & Phrases, Favorite Jewelry & Perfumes); LEGAL (Will Status, etc.); POTPOURRI (Embarrassing Moments, Natural Phenomena, Pet Peeves, Major Historical Events & Technological Developments During My Life, Best Dreams, etc.)

“LifeTimes” can be the most complete single record of one’s life as it helps organize important personal data as well as valued memories … portraying a unique life story.

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