Night Sounds (softcover)



by Lois G. Grambling
illustrated by Randall F. Ray
ISBN 978-1-877810-83-1 Softcover, 40 pages, 10×8, ages 4 – 6

For Every Child … The Perfect Bedtime Story!

Tucked safely in bed, a child drifts toward sleep listening to the many sounds of nightfall. Within the child’s creative mind, each sound elicits vivid images. Ever so gently, the child’s thoughts slip farther and farther away, moving from purring cat at bedside and comical creatures in the yard to distant trains and church bells, and then at last, to sleep.

Night Sounds’ imaginative, lilting text and daringly unpretentious black and white watercolor illustrations portray perfectly the world of “Everychild.” Words and phrases have the calming effect of a rocking chair . . . or a mother’s gentle back patting . . . gradually lulling the child to sleep by story’s end.

Night Sounds is a bedtime story your children will want to hear
again and again!

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