Seapeace CD



Seapeace CD
Georgia Kelly
Soothing harp & violin

Used by therapists & medical professionals around the world

Relaxing meditations & etudes evoke the ocean’s ebb & flow.

Used by therapists & medical professionals around the world.

Nilapadma (Blue Lotus) 11:00
Seapeace 9:08
Aeloian Temple Music 7:54
Chinese Sunrise 11:29

“…Georgia Kelly’s harp is healing music.”
— L.A. Weekly

“‘Seapeace’ is one of the most transcendentally beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.”
— New Age Journal

“Georgia Kelly, whose lilting, free-flowing harp music has been used for several medical tapes, says that she never realized the medical potential of her music until people began to write to her that they were playing it during childbirth, in the operating room, and to help them relax and fall asleep.”
— Prevention Magazine, reprinted in Cosmopolitan Magazine


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