Smart Tax Write-offs



Hundreds of tax deduction ideas for home-based businesses, independent contractors, all entrepreneurs
by Norm Ray, CPA
ISBN 978-1-877810-07-7
Softcover, 128 pages, 6×9

Includes TAX-SAVER CHECKLIST of over 1100 potential write-offs.
Also includes 2016-2017 UPDATES insert!

“clever tax deductions” — A PENNY SAVED magazine
“excellent brainstorming tool” — SPARE TIME magazine
“highly recommended ‘must-read'” — INTERNET BOOKWATCH
“cut through those tax return conundrums” — THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

Heads-up entrepreneurs should take every imaginable income tax deduction that is appropriate for their specific business and
SMART TAX WRITE-OFFS shows you how to do it.

Quick-read guidebook that encourages small business owners to be aggressive and creative in taking legitimate tax deductions.

Numerous imaginative deduction ideas, including valuable checklist of over 1000 potential write-offs. Helps you think about and take every deduction you are entitled to.

Coaches you in lowering your income taxes by thinking creatively, doing your homework, and presenting your tax return preparer with a list of potential deductions.

Discusses tax deduction “gray areas.” Shows how to deduct personal things converted to business use; how to deduct things that were given to you as gifts.

Recommended by Home Office Computing, Small Business Opportunities, & Spare Time magazines.
• You don’t have to buy things new for them to be deductible!
• You can even deduct things that were given to you as gifts!
• You can be aggressive in many gray areas!
• You can convert personal things into business things, and deduct them.

Home-based business owners and other entrepreneurs throw money away when they don’t take every appropriate income tax deduction for their businesses, according to Norm Ray, a Certified Public Accountant and author of the new quick-read book Smart Tax Write-offs, 4th edition: Hundreds of tax deductions ideas for home-based businesses, independent contractors, all entrepreneurs.

Business owners pay higher than necessary income taxes when they think, “I don’t have time to worry about tax stuff. I’ll let my accountant do the worrying.” But in Ray’s opinion, no one knows the intimacies of a small business as well as the owner. And although accountants and tax return preparers would like to see their clients take all tax deductions they are entitled to, it is generally not practical for tax professionals to actively probe every aspect of their clients’ businesses searching for additional tax deductions.

Small business owners can lower the amount of income taxes they pay if they think creatively, do their homework, and present their tax return preparers with lists of potential deductions. “There are some ‘gray areas’ in income taxation,” says Ray. “Some things may be fully deductible in some situations and not deductible or only partially deductible in other cases. It’s smart to aggressively identify potential business write-offs and then discuss them with your tax advisor to confirm that they would work for you.”
“And don’t forget,” says Ray, “that you can convert personal things into business things, and deduct them. You can even deduct things that were given to you as gifts if you use them in your business.”

Ray’s Tax-saver Checklist of Deduction Ideas  with over 1000 potential income tax deductions for home-based businesses and other entrepreneurs is included in Smart Tax Write-offs.

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