This Copyrighted Broadcast



by author Hank Greenwald
ISBN 978-0942627459
2008, 279 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover


Hank Greenwald’s acerbically free-wheeling look back at his years in the broadcast booth for primarily the San Francisco Giants, Warriors and Yankees. A collection of terrific anecdotes from a man who knows how to tells stories, move things along, and amuse with skill and absolute timing.

Poignant in its revelations about family, especially concerning Hank and wife Carla’s remarkable relationship with daughter Kellie, who has Down’s syndrome and who has now published her memoirs in KELLIE’S BOOK: The Art of the Possible.

“Style, not shtick. Wit, not bombast.” That’s the way Bob Costas describes longtime San Francisco Giants broadcaster Hank Greenwald’s on-air voice in his foreword to Greenwald’s acerbically free-wheeling look back at his years in the baseball broadcast booth. That also goes a long way toward characterizing the man and his autobiography. Greenwald, now retired from the grind of day-to-day game-calling, was a rarity on the air. He not only knew how to make a game come alive, but also how to liven up the pauses in action with a genuine humor that was funny but not self-serving, self-referential, or worse, self-reverential. Not surprisingly, This Copyrighted Broadcast reflects that skill: it’s smart in its look at the state of the game, on and particularly off the field, it’s funny, it’s honest, it’s daring in what it reveals about broadcasting and some of its absurdities.

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