Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide: Your Exciting Search for Wow! Combinations


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Your Exciting Search for Wow! Combinations
by Norm and Barbara Ray
ISBN 978-1-877810-00-8
Softcover, 224 pages, 6 x 9

It’s great fun to discover a taste sensation that makes you say “Wow! This is fantastic!” and that sensation is readily available to you and your friends when you successfully pair wines and cheeses.

With more than a thousand wines and a thousand cheeses in the world today, the number of combinations is mind-boggling … literally, over a million potential combinations. But, what an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy the pleasure of searching for specific combinations of wines and cheeses that give you the “Wow!” experience.

In the Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide the authors give you a running start to find your “Wow!” combinations. They give you helpful information about cheeses, wines, and pairing. They offer pairing recommendations developed through personal experience, tasting events with other people, recommendations by wine experts, recommendations by cheese experts, and various analytical pairings. Of course, the ultimate judge of your “Wow!” combinations is you. Your unique set of taste buds and olfactory nerve cells will identify your exciting and perfect pairings.

Considering over 150 different wines and 340 different cheeses, the authors present extensive recommendations in two formats: (1) Cheese & Wine Pairing Recommendations (you select a cheese and receive recommendations of wines that pair well with that cheese) and (2) Wine & Cheese Pairing Recommendations (you select a wine and receive recommendations of cheeses that pair well with that wine).

Since a step in your quest for perfect pairings is to remember your personal tasting experiences, the Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide also includes two programmed journals for you to record specifics of outstanding combinations: (1) “My Favorite Pairings” Journal and (2) “Oops!… I Won’t Pair These Again” Journal.

Cheese Basics: Cheeses of the World; History; Cheese Styles; Cheesemaking; Artisan vs. Large Scale Cheesemaking; Buying Cheese; Storing Cheese; Serving Cheese; Tasting Cheese
Wine Basics: Wines of the World; History; Wine Categories and Styles; Winemaking; Wine Bottle Labels; Buying Wine; Storing Wine; Serving Wine; Tasting Wine; To Your Good Health
Pairing Basics: Your Personal Pleasure is the Goal; Guidelines; Goals; More Tasting Suggestions
Pairing Recommendations: Cheese & Wine Pairing Recommendations; Wine & Cheese P airing Recommendations
Journals: “My Favorite Pairings” Journal; “Oops! I Won’t Pair These Again” Journal

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